Sunday, 5 March 2017

Time for a little more Bacnet

Wow, time flies....
Just noticed that I am rocking it up to a year since my last post
And so what has happened since then, lost and not much

At work I have expanded my team and at home I have integrated a larger Bacnet device network

Now my Raspberry Pi has 5 DS1820 temperature sensors wired up all over the house and a EmonCMS power monitor connected up

All of these device are feeding back into our companies systems
It has been very interesting to watch what the BuilingIQ software can do with just this information. I can now see what is going on at home, when power is being used and if its for AC/heating or just day to day living

It will be interesting to try predictive power optimization when I get a AC that allows some form of communication ( and yes, that will be controlled via Bacnet )

So if your interested then visit the BuildingIQ web site or keep watching here as I continue the journey of a DIY Bacnet server