Sunday, 6 March 2016

Bacnet stack and the Rasberry Pi

So its been a fast year and I have changed a lot in 12 months.
Having left the relative security of full time employment I decided to go DevOps contracting.

I did some fun gig's around Auto-scaling applications and databases in AWS along with extremely large test and dev environments for government orgs and Insurance industries.

I found the time I spent doing contracting to be very rewarding as I skilled up on how these types of organizations function.

Then I moved back to full time employment. Not because contracting was hard but more because something exciting and challenging came along.

That was when I got introduced to bacnet.

Now as you know I have done a bit with x10 over the years but it is now become difficult to continue doing this on small scale embedded devices.

Along come bacnet on Rasberry Pi. Just having watched a video  demonstration on setting up on Pi I thought I would give it a try.

So first step was to download the code, and its hard to find a link
Then after reading the instructions I found that I needed to use version 0.7.1 of the stack. And thats old.....

So now I have migrated into using the latest version on github with the above patched in so enjoy the repo :)