Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Changes to Arduino 1.0

I tried to make buildbot build my old X10 automation code and found some issues.
The builds kept breaking with errors around WProgram.h
Turns out that the new version needs this to be changed over to Arduino.h

So how to do this? Easy when you run Linux.
1. Change to the base code direcrtory.
2. run the following little bit of bash code
           for i in `find`
                sed 's/WProgram.h/Arduino.h/g' -i $i

Return to builbot

As my glider takes shape and starting to get towards being "flight ready" I find it is time to start looking at the software that will run on it.

So what will the plane be running?
1. An autopilot and that will be ardupilot as it is very stable and will not need much modification and any that are needed can be contributed back to open source.

2. Some form of image software for building a point cloud from an un-ordered set of images.

3. Sync software for downloading data once it back in range automatically. Then of course is what platform will all this be running on.

The autopilot will be running in an arduino mega and the other software will be on single board Linux PC. It is looking like the Linux platform will be on a RaspberryPI if I can get openCV running smoothly. Time will tell.
So after dusting off my old configurations for buildbot and setting up the new master, gitolite server and gitweb access on my ec2 instance it was time to start testing.
First problem was setting up all those ssh keys for each of the build servers so that I can build code for each of the platforms.
The RaspberryPI and the main x86_64 buildbot slaves were easy and just needed to install via "easy_install buildbot-slave" and then configure. Simple.
The master out on ec2 was harder but only in that I had to install via source from git.