Sunday, 12 August 2012

Building a Plane for OpenRelief

Lately there has been a bit of a buzz about a new UAV project called OpenRelief. The goal of the project it to be able to deploy a drone to a devastated area and perform recon work allowing resources to be targeted to where they are needed.

As i live in Australia and most of our emergencies cover vast distances I have decided to build a glider for the body and thus give the maximum air time for the recon work.

This has lead to me re-building my home made milling machine that was unable to handle the lateral forces of a rotating cutting head to now be a laser cutter/pattern maker. I have hacked a 2003 DVD burner into a laser assembly that I had from an old Varityper VT600 photo type setter. I find that this allows me to burn the balsa frames at ~60mm/min which makes for easier cutting.